Ready,Set, Go…Guess that Juice- Leave Comment Below!

Ready,Set, Go…Guess that Juice- Leave Comment Below!.


Real Deal Orange Juice

Have you ever tried a fresh squeezed Orange Juice? Not that stuff from the store, but REAL OJ. 

I recently read an article discussing the unfresh production of store bought orange juice and how the process includes flavor enhancement.  I’m sorry, but real orange juice requires NO enhancement and is Absolutely Delicious.  ADDED BONUS:  You get all the nutrients!  Fresh OJ is packed with the Vitamin C and bioflavinoids that you deserve and are paying  for when you make it yourself!

Simple Recipe:

5 Peeled Oranges (leave as much white pith as possible on the orange) Enough Said.

photo 3

Classic Carrot Apple Juice

This is juice is a Classic.  For the beginning juicer or the experienced, it ranks.  The kids will love it and adults,too.

My kids have grown up on this juice and is a staple in our home.  Years later when the kids learned at school that apple juice manufacturers use wormy apples to process in their juice, they never drank bottled apple juice again. Now, they appreciate fresh juice even more!

Simply Made:

– 4 Medium Size Carrots

– 1 Apple


Want to know the benefits of this juice?

-Eye Health

-Infection Protection

-Fetal Development (keep juicing moms!)


-High Vitamin A

– Lessens sugar cravings

You just feel overall better!

Grapefruit/Orange Juice Fix


During Cold Season this is a great juice for your family.  Before juicing, wash the fruit, then peel the outer leaving as much white pith on the fruit as possible.  The white pith holds most of  the vitamin C and bioflavinoids.  I juice about 1 grapefruit to 3 small oranges for a 12 oz. glass of delicious juice.

Grapefruit has so many benefits in the citrus fruits family. It’s full with the benefits of nutrients, vitamins, potassium, and lycopene. Along with these, it also contains calciumphosphorous,Vitamin A,  much more.  Vitamin A helps neutralize free radicals and helps maintain your immune system, kidney’s, and lungs.  According to an article grapefruit can help minimize risk of heart disease.

Is Grapefruit good for kids?

Yes! One of the biggest benefits of grapefruit for kids is related to diabetes. With childhood obesity a huge concern, some kids can be at high risk for Diabetes.   Grapefruit pectin helps control appetite, blood glucose, and aids in digestions.  A definite must to add to your children’s diet.  The bitter taste can be offset with the sweet oranges added. Enjoy!