Playing with Pomegranates

I made this looking for a Valentine’s Day Juice- I think this will work!

-2 Pomegranates- See Tip Below*

-1 Apple

– Squeeze of lemon

– Sprinkled Coconut on top for fun (plus I love coconut!)


*The rind of the Pomegranate is very bitter and I do not juice.  I slice the fruit in half, then soak in warm water, then the seeds will fall out, found this tip online.  Then I discard the water and juice the seeds. 🙂

This year I have discovered Pomegranates!  We bought one just as a novelty to check it out, once we cut it in half we saw that it was an amazingly beautiful fruit and very intriguing.   Not really know how to juice this we just played around with the seed in our hands, it is so rich is color as well.  The seeds are coated with the jelly fruit flesh, almost like a candy.

This fruit is also rich in History and good tidings.  Persians believe Eve picked a Pomegranate from the tree not an apple in the Garden of Eden.   The Chinese eat candied pomegranate for good luck.  The Greek open pomegranates at wedding celebrations.  A great topic of discussion when slicing open this fruit with the family!

Pomegranates are Shown to:

-Full of Antioxidants

– Increase oxygen to the heart

– Full of Vitamin C & Antioxidants

-Lower Risk of Heart Disease

-Fight Cell Damage

-Lower risk of cancer, especially prostate and breast

-Reduce Cholesterol


Juice this fruit for a delicious beverage AND it’s astounding health benefits. Cheers!


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