I have been juicing for my kiddos since before they entered the world!  Then they graduated to fresh juice in the baby bottles, and now they are teens and that’s right, I’m still juicing.  I am passionate about the health benefits of juicing for my family and friends.  I know there are other mom’s out there just like me, so I am out to find them and hopefully convert more mom’s along the way.  The blog is about the Juicing Lifestyle and the Power Mom’s have when they start juicing for their family.  It’s the power of mom’s to bring their family on track to health and wellness and juicing is one awesome way to get there.

This blog was inspired by my husband and my Dad.  My Dad has started juicing this year in Dec. 2012 for the first time.   I have been working on him, oh, for about 16 years to juice.   To my shock, this year when I mentioned juicing, he said ‘okay, I’ll try it’.  I could hardly contain my excitement.  My Dad struggles with his health and I want so much for him get the most nutrients and minerals possible.

My husband said, why don’t you start a blog about it.  I am so excited about this new venture and it has inspired me to get back on track and juice more consistently and create fresh ideas and fresh juices.  Every page posted was a discussion that I had with my Dad in get in him started in the Juicing Lifestyle.  Cheers to my Dad!

My fascination with the health benefits of juicing began when my Grandma gave me her Champion Juicer when I was about 15.  Yep, at 15 I was interested in Juicing, go figure.  If you haven’t seen a Champion Juicer, they are big contraptions with a huge ‘nose’.   I was a bit of health nut.  Later, when I had my kids I sought after an alternative to baby formula. Carrot Juice was a part of that solution!  I was juicing carrot juice for their baby bottles as soon as 3 months old and that is a long story short.  Message me if you want to hear more and maybe I’ll dive into that further. 🙂

Anyway, thanks for stopping by my blog….

Cheers to to Moms Who Juice! You deserve to be recognized for your dedication to yours and your kid’s health!




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  1. Heya, thanks for dropping by my blog so I could discover yours- unfortunately, I’m not allowed to have juice at the moment (read: I am not allowed to have a LIFE until this comp is over!) but as soon as it’s over I know where to raid some awesome recipes 😉 Your concoctions look yum and I can’t wait to try them!! xx

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