History of Juicing

I thought it would be interesting to know how LONG Juicing therapy has been around and the key players.

What is a Juicer?

A juicer is a tool for separating juice from fruits, herbs, leafy greens and other types of vegetables from its pulp in a process called juicing. In separating the pulp, juicers concentrate the nutrition naturally present in fruits and vegetables and allows the body to more easily absorb the nutrition than digesting the solid produce. The use of juicers also makes it easier to consume more raw produce.

What is the history?

1700 B.C.- Ancient Greeks call Pomegranate juice a ‘love potion’.

150 B.C. to about 70 A.D– Juicing was written about on the Dead Sea Scrolls.

“A pounded mash of pomegranate and fig” resulting in “profound strength and subtle form.” 

Island Cultures created nutritious drinks from tropical fruits. In Peru, passion fruits were smashed and combined with water for a refreshing beverage.

1500’s- Spanish explorers plant the first ever Florida Orange trees around St. Augustine.

1910- Juice Pasteurization is developed. Citrus growers overproduce in California. National Rail system makes breakfast OJ possible.

1920’s– Max Gerson- German scientist who developed his own therapy including vegetarian diet and raw juices.  His work is still carried on today called the Gerson Institute.

1930’s– Norman Walker in 1936 published his book Raw Vegetable Juices.  This introduced juicing to the modern age.  Introduced The Norwalk Juicer, the worlds’ first living juicer was invented by Dr Norman Walker. For more than seventy years Dr Walker studied living foods and developed a philosophy whereby the best way to nutritional health was with a diet of predominately raw food and juices which he termed Living Food. The Norwalk, which is still sold today, firstly grates and cuts the produce with the resulting mass then put into a linen bag and placed under a hydraulic press. Dr Walker lived to 118 years of age.  Source: http://www.members.optushome.com.au/juicers/juice_history.htm

1930’s-1990’sDr. Linus Pauling, winner of 2 Nobel Prizes attributed ‘most disease, illness,  and ailments to mineral deficiencies in the diet and soil’. Pauling was the forerunner of Vitamin C and promoting and discovering it’s benefits.

1954 – Champion Juicer, the worlds’ first masticating juicer, was invented.

1960– Dr. Bernard Jensen ran a Health Ranch in Escondido, California.  People would come from all over the world to learn about health and wellness. He taught that proper nutrition, together with sunshine, rest, exercise, fresh air and positive attitudes helped thousands of patients at Dr. Bernard Jensen’s sanitariums leave behind the symptoms of chronic diseases that they had developed.  After working with several hundred thousand patients, Dr. Bernard Jensen concluded that nutrition is the single most important therapy to be used in the healing arts.

1970’s– Jack Lalanne, fitness guru promotes Juicing Mania and Power Juicer.

1990- Jay Kordich, Father of Juicing, appeared for the first time on television on a Juicing Infomercial and published a book on the subject. Patient of Gersen and healed himself of life threatening disease with a healthy diet and large doses of carrot/apple juice in the 1950’s.  Since then, he is Passionate about teaching others on juicing and a healthy diet and now has his own Juicer.


This was the first book I read about juicing!

2000’s-Dr.  Bernard Jensen published Juice Therapy. Dr. Jensen’s years of study have proved the juices–both fruit and vegetable–are the fastest method for getting nutrients into our bodies. Also included are case histories demonstrating the extraordinary effects juices can have on rejuvenation and healing.

“Juices are a wonderful source of nutrients that we all need to take advantage of to reach the highest level of health and well-being.”



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