How to Buy your Juicing Produce

Farmer's Market

I always recommend to buy Certified Organic fruits and veggies when juicing.  It’s best to buy at your local farmer’s market, so you are getting ‘in-season’ produce.  If that is not an option, buy in season at your local grocery store.  Remember, the fruits and veggies do not have to look perfect to taste great!

A large bag of organic carrots can usually be found for about $5.  If you live in an area where you can’t find that, ask the produce manager to order them for you or go to a local health food store for ‘horse’ carrots.  In the fall, organic apples are very easy to find and not too expensive.

For beginner juicers and for the kiddos, the juice tastes best if you refrigerate the produce prior to juicing.

Here’s a question I get alot.

What do I do with extracted pulp? 

When I had a garden, I used it for my compost pile.  That works great.


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